Toyota Avalon and Others on TV

HSN, formerly the Home Shopping Network, recently showcased something a little larger than their usual watches, jewelry, and pots and pans—Toyota hybrids.

On Sunday, October 7 at noon, 4 p.m. and 9 p.m., HSN aired a “Discover Toyota” segment which showcased the all-new Toyota Avalon hybrid along with the rest of Toyota’s hybrid lineup. HSN said this was the first time an automaker has pitched its lineup on their channel.

This was probably one of the only times that you couldn’t actually buy the product directly from HSN. Since they couldn’t sell the cars, HSN encouraged viewers to call to get a free coffee mug and to qualify for either a $1,000 gift certificate for free gas or a $1,000 HSN shopping credit. However, viewers would have to actually buy a car to get either of these.

If you missed the broadcast, and are interested in purchasing a Toyota hybrid vehicle of any kind within the next 90 days, you can still quality for either of the $1,000 options. You can go to HSN’s website at for more details. The site will remain active until November 5.

For questions on any Toyota hybrid vehicles, please visit your local Toyota dealer, Newbold Toyota.

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